Introducing Piano Bar

Emporium Hotels

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The 1920s was a period of prosperity, where life was good, the drinks were great and the music was even better. It’s hard not to be enamoured with the vibe and beauty of this era. If freedom was the mindset, then jazz was the soundtrack. During this decade, many conventions were being challenged - fashion, design, music, dance styles and laws to name a few. So it stands to reason then that the 1920s-inspired Piano Bar would pay homage to many of these characteristics while challenging the notion of a standard lobby bar. With its own unique twist on the traditional and a strong offering, Piano Bar is not simply a means to an end but a desirable destination in its own right.

It’s this smooth medley of classic and contemporary that really sets Piano Bar apart. Smoky mirrored walls and a custom chandelier cast a vintage ambiance while the frangipani emblazoned steel doors provide a glint of modern opulence. A stellar line up of talented musicians bring the space to life with a mix of classic and new-age tones. Although the venue anchors Emporium Hotel South Bank, the distinct design and atmosphere instantly transports you to another place, another time, cocooning you in its secluded warmth.

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